Our Captain interviewed on ANN7, detailing the lack of skill in SA police investigations.

Kyle condon’s interview on NIGHT TALK - TALK RADIO 702, may 25, 2017

Allocated to: Continue--Different ways that drug syndicates use to transport drugs
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Kyle condon’s interview on NIGHT TALK - TALK RADIO 702, may 25, 2017

Allocated to: Different ways that drug syndicates use to transport drugs
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Established in 1993 by Declan and Kyle Condon – the legacy of the Condon family with their many years of investigative expertise still strongly governs the running of the company today.

The commitment of the Condon’s to create a truly internationally respected investigation and risk consultancy has ensured that D & K Management Consultants is firmly entrenched as the preferred investigations and risk consultancy for a full spectrum of clients both locally in Africa and abroad.
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D & K offers a complete range of investigation services including private investigation, business investigation and polygraph services.
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D & K Management Consultants understand the complexities associated with operating a successful transport company. Dealing with time restraints and overhead expenses which change frequently, is no easy task. Finding time to fight theft and losses is just not possible.
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Discreet mobile surveillance often yields good results into employee malpractice in the transport sector. Video and photographic evidence all accepted in court and internal disciplinary action is sourced through this type of investigative tactic.
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Hotels and guest lodges, in particular, virtually stand on their own when one looks at a business and crime related risks. As a result of the myriad loss avenues, D & K Management Consultants has dedicated a department solely to the hotel industry.
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D & K’s ability, through our carefully selected staff, to fully understand a particular industry is what clearly separates us from everyone else. The healthcare sector is no different, whether it be in the logistics, distribution, manufacturing or hospital arena’s.
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"Thanks to D&K, we were able to carry out a discreet private investigation, simply and fast."
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