Polygraph Services – How Accurate Are These Tests?

Many people believe that any evidence attained from polygraph services and associated testing is enough to convict a suspect of a crime. While this may be true in some cases to a certain extent, the vast majority of the time these tests need to be used in conjunction with other techniques to gain a conviction.

Polygraph tests don’t actually detect lies; they detect subtle changes in your body

A lot of people are under the misconception that polygraph tests can accurately detect when somebody is lying. The truth is these devices are used to detect subtle changes in your body that are associated with lying. These include changes in your blood pressure, heart rate, breathing-pattern and how much you perspire.

Polygraph tests should be used to assist in a case, not decide it

Polygraph services and tests should always be used to assist in an investigation, never to decide it. This is largely down to the fact that these tests’ results can differ quite substantially from person to person. There are two main reasons for this; the first being how the polygraph examiner interprets the information being given by the device. The second and probably the more significant of the two is how people react to being attached to one of these devices. Some are able to stay as cool as cucumbers whilst others struggle to deal with the entire process. This means that people’s vitals can give incriminating readings simply as a result of being nervous about the ordeal.

While polygraph services and tests are a great way to deal with potential criminals, you need to remember not to build your entire case around the results of one of these tests. Using a polygraph test to supplement other evidence is the best way to gain a conviction.

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