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What Do Violent Crime Investigators Do?

Violent crime investigations Violent crime investigations are ideally dealt with in the shortest time frame possible because all the pieces of the puzzle are still fresh. Oftentimes, police have too much to deal with to give each case the time and resources it deserves. As a result, many crimes go unsolved. This is where violent crime investigations can be instigated, to solve cases that did not reach any kind of conclusion. How do they do it? Keep reading and find out.

Collection of Available Evidence and Docket Examination

Before any further investigations can begin, all of the available evidence must be collected and logged so that a baseline of information that is still missing can be established. This step is increasingly important as crime changes and certain traces may be left in new places, like online. Once this baseline has been established, the violent crime investigators can begin, often re-investigating the case right from the beginning.

Crime Scene Reconstruction, Photographic Evidence and DNA Testing

With all the information available to violent crime investigators, they will reconstruct a crime scene in order to better understand the series of events that surrounded the commission of the crime. This involves using deductive and inductive reasoning as well as understanding the positioning of physical evidence and using scientific methods to theorise what really happened.

For example, they will form a hypothesis that someone broke in through the backdoor. With photographic evidence and by reconstructing the scene, they will be able to deduce if this could be true or not. By this process of elimination, they get closer and closer to the series of events that were actually part of the crime scene.

DNA testing will confirm the presence of an individual in certain places, this evidence may be used again as violent crime investigators begin rounding up suspects. DNA is one way to prove someone’s presence on a crime scene definitively and is near impossible to talk your way out of - so this is always a win.

Witness Interviews and Taking of Statements

The docket examination will have revealed any witnesses and they will be interviewed by the personal investigator on the case, even if they were interviewed by police already. They will take their own statements from any witnesses and compare these to any others to see if new evidence comes to light. Violent crime investigators take this step in the process very seriously and witnesses who do not fully cooperate often arouse suspicion. That is why violent crime investigators like Kyle Condon, CEO of D & K Management Consultants, with his 25 years of experience, is likely to smell a rat as soon as stories don’t line up. This intuition is incredibly valuable to solving a case.

Later on in the investigation certain witnesses or suspects may be subject to a polygraph test to deduce whose story isn’t adding up and why.

D&K Management Consultants leaves no stone unturned when getting to the bottom of a case. These violent crime investigators and personal investigators in South Africa are passionate about delivering justice in the form of much needed answers. If you require the services of personal investigators for whatever reason, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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