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How to Build People's Confidence in You..

Being recognised in the investigation and risk consulting arena as a subject matter expert is without doubt one of every serious private investigators greatest challenges. This is completely understandable, I mean why should anybody just take your word on how competent and professional you are? Especially since much of what an investigator deals with impacts directly on people's lives and livelihoods.

Confidence has long been recognised as a desirable, if not essential, personality trait. It is therefore not at all surprising that a great deal of research, writing and training has been devoted to finding ways for individuals to build (and then display) self-confidence.

However, a factor that I find is less emphasized, but equally important, is how to get other people to have confidence in you and that which you do. Ultimately, your ability to land jobs and sign clients comes down to how confident people feel about you. I have known many excellent private investigators and risk consultants who simply failed to run successful practices, purely because the people they were trying to promote their services to just did not feel confident in the individual.

Here are some useful guidelines to help you get potential clients to feel confident in using your services…

Focus your energy on developing relationships 

Being a successful private investigator or risk consultant hinges largely on your ability to build, and then maintain, active relationships with people. I cannot stress enough just how important good relationships are. In my firm, we dedicate two full days per week on "relationship welding"; that's our buzz word for interacting verbally or directly with as many of our clients as possible.

This is done through different mediums. For example, it may just be an informative article mailed to them covering a topic of interest to them. Let's say I know a particular client or group of clients have an interest in fishing, they will get an update on the latest tips on salt water angling techniques.

So, you see, it does not always have to be based on your services or issues around their industry. Think laterally and build those relationships just like you would if you were keeping a friendship relationship going.

You will be amazed at how people warm towards you when they see you have taken specific time to think about them and their interests. Besides the obvious effect this strategy has, I often play on the aspect that I know what they like or what their interests are because as a skilled investigator it's my job to know (clients love this).

Note though that the impact of this strategy comes down to being well organised and genuinely interested in building that relationship... it takes work!

Stick to established communication protocols 

Decades of human behaviour studies and psychology reviews have provided us with great insight into the effect that our behavior and communication skills have on others. We know for example, that:

  • The first four minutes is the most important phase in any personal interaction
  • Body language contributes to more than 70% of a person’s opinion towards you
  • Remembering and using people's names, and discussing their personal interests, gets people on to your side quicker than any other method
  • People warm to investigators and will show a lot more interest if you listen more than you speak and smile more than you frown

The investigator’s ability to apply these techniques will greatly enhance your relationship with clients and will certainly add to building their confidence in you.

Assist clients to see things differently 

When I am asked the question (normally by young start up investigators) what differentiates my company from the vast majority of other private investigation companies out there, my answer is simply BREAK ESTABLISHED VIEWS.

Creating people's confidence in my work and, ultimately, in me, has as much to do with the way I constantly and consciously change their perceptions on matters as it has to do with delivering on my word. Getting people to see things in a new light helps to increase your value to them and this significantly grows their interest in developing a relationship with you.

Increase others’ sense of certainty about you

In the investigation field, and in risk consulting as a whole, potential clients have a strong need to qualify why they have chosen to engage with your particular company or service.

I, for one, have spent and invested a lot time and effort growing my company's lists of testimonials, individual qualifications and market reputation. The result is that my clients firmly believe that having a relationship with me and my company is of absolute importance to them. This, in-turn, solidifies their confidence in what I do and who I am.

Don't be shy to pin your accomplishments to your chest, I promise you that this will serve you well when it comes to giving people certainty about you.

Define and promote your uniqueness 

Identify your uniqueness, that one thing (or more) that differentiates you from the rest. You want to be sought after... don't follow, lead!

When people recognise why you are special, you will find that you are giving huge amounts of confidence to everyone you deal with - staff, colleagues, customers and new prospects.

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