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Internal security within any organisation is a highly important part of company structure. Most, if not all, esteemed company managers and owners are aware of the real threat of internal theft. These organisational leaders have often spent many hours detailing plans of action that will aid in safeguarding a company against such threats.

When asked by other leaders how issues such as internal theft by staff members were tackled, these leaders would most probably respond with points such as:

  • Devising company strategies
  • Using the assistance of various technologies
  • Using these strategies and technologies to counter the loss problem created and to generate a safer, more secure environment moving forward

There is no doubt that the steps to be taken for both prevention and cure have been well thought out and each leader has a clear idea of how to execute them. This information is keenly shared with others in an often-altruistic act of bolstering the advice seekers organisation.

However, when it comes to implementing and maintaining these strategies within their own organisations, many leaders seem to fall short. The strategies are implemented and followed around a time of crisis but seem to wear off as complacency sets in.

Other reasons for not implementing known strategies include:

  • Being too busy
  • Budget constraints
  • Procrastination

D&K Consulting is here to help leaders follow their own advice. We run undercover investigations, install hidden cameras, or suggest any other out-of-the-box approach to internal crime.

For more information, contact Kyle Condon on saint@intrigue.co.za, follow him on Twitter @investigatorsZA or visit www.investigators.co.za.

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