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According to an article published by Ama Bhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism, Hendrick Kganyago had a close, city employed relative, who seemed to have had influence on Kganyago winning the fleet department fuel tender in Tshwane. Kganyagpo’s company Balimi Barui Trading (BBT) was one of three companies awarded a R500 million fuel contract.

Some of the points highlighted in the article:

  • Hendrick Kganyago reportedly paid millions into EFF-linked accounts upon winning a large fuel tender.
  • During and after a tender to supply the city its fuel needs R15 million was paid out by Kganyago to three different companies linked to EFF leader Julius Malema and the party’s new secretary general, Marshall Dlamini.
  • BBT was awarded the fuel contract despite its prices in reality adding up to more than ten other shortlisted companies. BBT appeared to have quoted cheaply on some fuel prices which made it appear more affordable, however when all costs were added they totaled as more expensive.
  • Stanly Kganyago, a confirmed relative of Hendrick Kganyago (suspected brother) holds the position of a senior official in the fleet department and was one of the people responsible in the decision of awarding the fuel tender.
  • BBT and the other two companies selected were all overpaid by millions. Reportedly the City called this an “honest mistake”.

Statements received:

When pressed about the family relationship a City spokesperson responded with:

“As much as the report indicated so, this is a procedural matter in the department as he is the Director for Contracts, however, a different official managed the tender from the department including at evaluation and we confirm that Mr Stanley Kganyago was not part of the evaluation of the tender or presentation of the said report [to the adjudication committee].”
According to Ama Bhungane the City did not deny that Stanley was involved but rather suggested that he could not make the decision on his own.

The only comment Stanley was able to make was: “I have never in my entire life jeopardised any working relationship with my employers.”  

The City has stated that they will not comment any further but that the investigation is ongoing.

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