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NUMSA Strike Leads to Fatality

It was only a matter of time before striking NUMSA members actually killed an innocent person. Simply put this was murder! A security officer standing at his post, which just happened to be at a factory that falls under the Plastic Industry who are currently experiencing one of the most violent strikes yet post 1994, has lost his life.

The victim was severely assaulted and then set alight, while NUMSA members forced their way into the company and brutally attacked senior managers and staff, who coincidentally had every right to be at work!

Five weeks ago Mr Eric Botha, the owner from Mkulu Plastics was attacked after his factory wall was forced over. He was beaten with bricks and pipes to such an extent he was rushed into emergency theatre and ICU. He lost one if his fingers during the attack.

There is an ongoing list of brutal attacks and attempted murder incidents occurring daily, directly linked to this 'strike' by NUMSA members. Over 16 trucks and company vehicles have been petrol bombed, with the latest being this morning in Kempton Park (5 December 2018).

It is now only a matter of time before companies fight back and another Marikana occurs. However, this time NUMSA will be to blame!

As for the SAPS, there has been little to no intervention from them other than the occasional van or vehicle parked at a distance from the mobs running amok. The regular response from the police is: "We cannot fight against the crowd", or "We do not have the support to engage".

Companies like D&K Management Consultants are therefore being hired by plastic manufacturers to protect them from a gang of thugs who seem to revel in the violence and looting that they so clearly are getting away with.

Kyle Condon, owner of D&K Management Consultants, says: "It is nothing short of a war zone in the plastics industry. The only difference is there is only one side attacking and that is the union. To date, the industry itself are merely victims of this terrorism. An innocent man lost his life because he dared to go to work on Friday! That was murder and the time has arrived for companies to literally defend themselves and their people with force,where legally applicable."

Condon can be reached on 0828205363.

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