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Page Automation Helps Clients Keep Track of Visitors with SmartVisitor Software

As published on News 24, companies can now keep track of clients with technology that uses data capture and advanced facial recognition functionality to register, welcome, track, and trace all visitors to business premises. Has your data been captured? This is something to be aware of...

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, companies now have very real concerns about risks to the health of their employees. Being able to track and trace visitors to the workplace offers peace of mind and accountability, whilst ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.

Leading technology supply company, Page Automation, has introduced SmartVisitor, an innovative cloud-based approach to protecting the wellbeing of people and businesses.

SmartVisitor utilises data capture and advanced facial recognition functionality to register, welcome, track and trace all visitors to business premises. The system is fully customisable, and full data and analytics are supplied via an intuitive dashboard screen.

“SmartVisitor is the latest offering in our suite of intelligent workplace efficiency solutions,” commented Peter Rowley, Group CEO of Page Automation. “Access control is now as much about safety as it is about security; with SmartVisitor, a single system ensures both. This makes visitors feel welcome and safe, and minimises the risk of disease transmission to and amongst staff,” he added.

Being able to register online in advance saves visitors time and removes the need for contact with reception staff. It also allows engagement with visitors ahead of meetings and communicates a clear and reassuring message about how seriously the threat posed by COVID-19 is being taken. Pre-registration also serves as a useful reminder that safety is a mutual responsibility. 

Alternatively, this data can be captured on arrival. Use of ID numbers and/or facial recognition ensures that each visitor can be greeted more personally, and helps prevent unauthorised access to premises.

The combination of facial recognition and contactless temperature reading contributes significantly to both security and health and safety. An elevated temperature is an acknowledged symptom of COVID-19 (as well as of other communicable diseases, such as influenza). Being able to accurately identify people who may be sick can prevent disease transmission.

Where the facial recognition device is deployed, recorded visitor temperatures outside the pre-set parameters will trigger an audible alarm and the visitor’s host being notified automatically by email. The potentially ill visitor can then be denied access.

Access control can be augmented through connecting the SmartVisitor device to doors or turnstiles. By using the temperature control and visitor timeframe functionality, access can be prevented for any visitor who presents with an excessive temperature, or who arrives outside their dedicated time window.

This degree of access control contributes to workplace security and knowing exactly who is in the building at any given time. By staggering visitor timeframes, businesses can limit the number of people in a workplace, thereby making social distancing (another vital coronavirus mitigation tactic) easier to maintain.

SmartVisitor facial recognition devices and visitor system software are available to purchase or rent (from just R480 per month) from Page Automation, with software-only packages also available. SmartTime time and attendance monitoring can be added to this system to create a holistic track and trace solution for both visitors and employees.

For more information about SmartVisitor track and trace technology and intelligent workplace efficiency solutions, please email us on info@pageauto.co.za, visit us at www.pageauto.co.za, or contact us on 087 245 0631, Johannesburg: +27 (11) 574 3000  |  Cape Town: +27 (21) 526 3500  |  Durban: +27 (31) 569 2500. 

This post and content is sponsored, written and provided by Page Automation.

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