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All eyes on me: CCTV Security Services

If you have ever watched an action movie and have seen a security guard patrolling the perimeter and one manning a series of screens displaying the area being guarded, you have seen CCTV at work. You may take the power of these eyes in the sky for granted, but even a moment of warning given by CCTV monitoring in enough to change the outcome of a whole host of sticky situations.

The Benefits of CCTV Monitoring for Security

The benefits of using CCTV monitoring for security purposes spreads across industries and creeds. There is no situation where keeping an eye, even in the form of a CCTV system, on things is a bad idea. Whether you require CCTV installation in your place of business or your home, you will have a better idea of what goes on, even (and especially) when you are not around to see for yourself.

CCTV installation in a retail situation, for example can be enough to deter crime in that people are much less likely to steal something from the shelves if they believe they are being watched. Even if it doesn’t deter instances of theft you will be in a far better position to catch the guilty parties red handed with evidence of their attempted five-finger discount.

In the event of a home invasion, when criminals look back into the camera they can be assured that their faces and their forced entry on private property have been captured. This can be enough to make some criminals turn back. If not and the CCTV is being monitored it can provide enough time to protect yourself and your family from the attack and call your local authorities and security company.

The CCTV monitoring activities may also pick up when someone is scouting out your home or business to potentially come back and get up to no good when it is quieter. CCTV monitoring can help you see who is lingering when they have no business being there. This could potentially prevent a crime before it has been put into motion.

CCTV Installation Services

If you want to deter crime and keep a closer eye on your home and/or business D&K Management Consultants provides comprehensive CCTV installation services. Our CCTV technicians are trained and qualified to create tailor-made systems uniquely designed to serve your needs, whether they are:

  • Domestic
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • School and other educational facilities

For more information on CCTV for your business - or if you’re seeking advice on any other matter - feel free to drop us a mail or, even better, call me directly.

Contact saint@intrigue.co.za / 082 820 5363

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