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Finding New Passion Through Employee Dishonesty

I find myself penning this blog post while uncomfortably crushed in the middle seat of row 17 on a flight to Cape Town. Although flying is not my most enjoyable form of transportation, I am actually really happy to find myself dangling somewhere between space and terra firma (sharing arm pit juices with the strangers on either side of me).

The significance of this flight is what I really want to share with you. You see, over the past 25 years, my investigation and corporate risk management company has provided me with opportunities that I never would have dreamed possible; not even in my wildest or dirtiest dreams.

With the growth of my business and the various demands that come with being a recognised industry leader, my focus has tended to shift more towards the administrative and management requirements that need my constant attention (or so I thought) while leaving the "fun" stuff (the grunt work as we call it) up to my team. A team, I must point out, that had been carefully pieced together one appointment at a time. It is fair to say that this team comprised the best of the best when we speak of forensic investigators and risk management professionals.

Over time I have found myself more and more desk bound and, in all honesty, fairly distant from the day-to-day activities that my employees engage in. Ironically, something that I advise my very own clients to be wary of.

And then it happened… two of our team members decided that it would be rather "cool" to cultivate their own clientele while earning their regular salaries from me. Fortunately for me and seriously idiotic from them, they did not anticipate that when clients develop a longstanding relationship with us and become more friends than clients, they are going to talk.

So it wasn't long before the first calls came in informing me that I had two rogue investigators whose morale fiber had eroded and made way for greed and dishonesty.

So there I found myself planning a sting operation to trap two of our own! It worked and pretty soon I was seated behind my desk faced with two groveling pieces of shit, both choosing to resign with immediate effect rather than face the embarrassment of a formal disciplinary hearing and subsequent dismissal.

You’re probably asking what the relevance this has to the fact that I'm now sitting in this metal bird…

Well here's the thing. After this unpleasant experience I realised that I needed to get back into the dragons lair, the coal face. I needed to get out from behind my desk, put that side arm back on and do what I have always done best… investigate!

Cut to the plane, and here I am; instead of sending an investigator down to Cape Town for this assignment I am back on the horse and doing it myself. The passion is back and I'm in my happy place.

Now you may be wandering; “what about the administration and the managerial aspects?” Well turns out that with a bit of attention and housekeeping, my office staff are better than I am at that anyway and have spent the last three months cleaning up the chaos I had created. Leaving me and my teams to get out there and continue to deliver investigation services at an unmatched level.

As for the two “wannabe” business owners, I hear they are roaming the proverbial wasteland of unemployed undesirables licking up the scraps of dirty infidelity cases that no self-respecting forensic investigator would ever want.

To them I say; "thank you boys! Without your deceitful intentions I would still be working from behind my desk and letting others have all the fun. Through you I was reawakened to how important it is to remain front and centre of my company."

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