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Security management is essential to all industries because without it you leave your business exposed to a whole host of potential threats. Security specialists have you covered!

Security management is essential to all industries because without it you leave your business exposed to a whole host of potential threats. The processes may vary slightly across industries, but – when carried out by security specialists - the implementation of security management includes the identification of the business or organisation’s assets.

Once this is done, the experts should develop, document and implementpolicies to protect said assets. Security specialists will complete this assessment and implementation for clients in the following industries. These examples are used here as a means of highlighting the importance of security management in various (if not all) industries.


Assets come in all shapes and sizes. They include the people working for the business and the information assets they work with. In the case of transport, the largest assets are likely to be the vehicles, whether they are busses, cars, trucks or heavy equipment.

Transport vehicles are likely to carry loads of goods that do not necessarily belong to the transport company in question. This means the importance of security management is unparalleled as any lost or stolen assets will be blamed on the transport company no matter what the circumstances are.

With tight deadlines and restraints ontransport companies’ security specialists,expertsare available to help implement site security management and prevent future losses. This includes anti-hijack escorts and employee background checks.


The service offering of hotels and lodges is to be your home away from home for a fee. If they cannot guarantee the safety of you or your belongings the future of said “hospitality” provider is sure to be short lived.

The open and welcome nature of hospitality locations make them a breeding ground for unsavoury activities. The importance of site security management becomes apparent rather quickly.

Security specialists cover the assets of the hotels and lodges ,as well as that of its guests. Site security management will deal with things that arise in the moment, but one thing they can control is any internal threats. Investigators will quickly uncover the culprit should things be going missing on a regular basis.

Event Management

The importance of security management for event managementis make or break. You cannot expect people to attend an event if you cannot ensure their safety or that of the performers and entertainers.

Security specialists provide VIP protection, individual bodyguards, background screening of vendors, access control, as well as medical response teams.

Theartof security management lies in having all the bases covered. This is an art which D&K Management Consultants has mastered over the years. Contact us for stellar site security managementfor whatever industry your business may fall under.

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