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Employee theft is the single biggest shrinkage contributor in the catering and hire sector. To put it into perspective, more thefts occur by employees than by guests at functions or events and losses through employee theft runs into millions of Rands. The theft of consumables, cutlery, crockery, linen and other assets is, and always will be, an on-going problem. This is the very reason why our clients in this particular sector make extensive use of our Undercover Investigations service. Knowing exactly what is happening, both in your company and out at events, is critical to your success.

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Employee Background Screening

Employees representing catering and hire companies are a direct reflection on the business. They often get to operate at people's homes and businesses and, as such, need to conduct themselves in a truly professional manner. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Substance abuse, theft, tardiness, etc. are just some of the problems that could be related to your staff.

D & K Management Consultants offers a full range of services pertaining to the professional background screening of potential employees.

Undercover Investigations

Information from the 'inside' is a critical component of offsite control. Knowing who did what could very well save you from a reputation harming incident. D & K Management Consultants' undercover investigators are specialists in the field of covert monitoring and are a real asset to any client in this industry.

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