The Importance of Having Competent Private Detectives in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is one of the most densely populated cites in South Africa, with more than 950 000 people living in the city and 4.5 million living in the metropolitan area according to online sources. To add to this, the area of Hillbrow, located just outside the CBD is the most densely populated area in all of Southern Africa; and where there are people there is crime. In this piece we will take a closer look at why it is so important to have top-class private detectives in Johannesburg.

Gauteng reports more crimes every year than any other province in South Africa

The sheer number of crimes committed in the Gauteng province - majority of which are reported in Johannesburg - means that the police and residents need all of the assistance they can get. On stated that in 2013 alone there were over 250 000 cases of crime reported in Gauteng alone. Private detectives are a great way for victims of crime to get effective and efficient assistance from trained professionals with specialised focus.

Police backlogs can infuriate victims of crime

Police backlogs are a natural part of life in Johannesburg; this is something that victims of crime know all about. The sheer volume of work that the police force has to deal with is virtually incomprehensible. Private detectives can help victims of crime attain closure more quickly, whilst easing the pressure felt by police detectives in terms of workload burdens.

Efficient investigation leads to quick prosecution

Efficiently investigating crimes leads to much quicker prosecution. This is hugely beneficial for Johannesburg and indeed Gauteng as a whole, as more criminals will be removed from the streets and placed behind bars.

Here at D&K Investigators we are incredibly proud of our track record throughout the country. Our private detectives in Johannesburg continue to shine. The work these men and women put into their jobs has led to a number of cases being solved as well as the prosecution and sentencing of many criminals.

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