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"As the continent tries to build and 'development' is the buzz word, there are those that are hell bent on capitalising through ripping off the industry directly responsible for these developments" – R. Ingus, Construction Industry Journalist.

It is estimated that the theft of construction equipment and tools costs South Africa approximately R1 billion per year. Corrupt employees, sophisticated syndicates and small time thieves are committing thefts across the country and, for the most part, on site.

Another very real problem is that stolen equipment is very rarely recovered. D & K Management Consultants' Statistics department is of the opinion that as little as 6% of stolen equipment and heavy machinery is actually recovered.

Construction sites are, by their very nature, an attractive target for criminals, mostly due directly to the ease of stealing equipment from unprotected and mainly isolated sites which are poorly managed. Employee collusion plays a big part in equipment and supplies theft/shrinkage.

D & K Management Consultants offers various services to assist our clients in the construction and plant hire sector, one of them being integrity tests done by approaching employees on site and probing them to record a response to the offer of stealing equipment. Undercover investigators deployed amongst site workers is another tried and tested method of keeping our finger on the pulse of what is going on away from the office.

Syndicates, who pass themselves off as clients, are a major problem to all operators in this sector. D & K Management Consultants has the services to assist clients in validating/vetting whether a "client" is, in fact, who he/she says he/she is. Our pre-screening is widely used by our clients, both locally and internationally.

D & K Management Consultants has the resources to provideConstruction image our clients with the full range of investigative services, whether that be traditional investigating methods or covert operations and surveillance. To us, a successful investigation should culminate in the identification of wrongdoers, successful dismissals, if need be and, ultimately, the future prevention of losses.

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