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As our modern world continues to advance in cost-effective micro-processing and more discrete technology, more and more cases are surfacing of people requiring debugging in their homes, apartment blocks and building premises. So we would like to share some insight on the matter of why more and more people are requesting these services and the benefits thereof.

Regular bug sweeps may be necessary

If you are a VIP in a large corporation it should come as no surprise that your home might in fact be bugged. This is because competitors, criminals and those seeking revenge almost always have reasons as to why they would like to bug your home. So regular debugging is actually essential to keep your personal information safe as well as important details about business ventures, shareholder details and much more 'under lock and key'. And just because you swept your home the previous month, it certainly doesn't mean that it's safe from bugs this month. Never underestimate the sheer determination of a competitor, criminal or the extent some will go to when it comes to a personal vendetta.

Why utilise professionals for debugging?

It's easy to go to your nearest surveillance store and buy debugging equipment, but the vast majority of these tools simply are not good enough to displace the keen eye of a professional investigator. This is mainly because professionals have been trained in the art of investigation and criminology to gain an insightful understanding of where, why and how bugs can be planted. This immediately puts them at a massive advantage compared to those without training - and a legitimate professional can actually find up to 80% or more of all well concealed bugs without even needing equipment.

So contact us today and find out why, how and if indeed your home, office or apartment is bugged. We offer high quality debugging services that are far superior to any typical home-use equipment and are ready to expertly assist you with any surveillance needs you may have. We are D&K Investigators, the private eyes you can trust to deliver specialised service excellence, every time.

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