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The events of violence, substance abuse and corruption being seen in our schools and universities has shaken our sense of security and belief in the education sector. Parents, students and staff at our schools, both government and private, fear that they are not 'immune' from experiencing similar problems.

education imageDemands are now greater than ever for schools, colleges and universities to provide visible, tangible proof that both proactive and reactive plans are in place at every learning facility. The presence of security guards at the gate does not equate to effective protection and crime prevention.

School Risk Assessments

There are two types of educators, those who have experienced crime, violence etc. and those that are still going to. No school can be completely protected but a proactive approach to assessing risks will go a long way in reducing incidents and threats. Meaningful security portfolios and crisis management plans are as important for our rural schools as they are for schools based in cities and suburbs.

A suitable plan is acquired via a comprehensive security assessment. It is now a pre-requisite if educators are to provide a safe, secure and fun learning environment.

Investigations Undertaken In Schools

Pretending that incidents of a criminal nature won't or don't occur is both ignorant and dangerous, therefore, it is 'best practice' to ensure that, if and when an incident occurs, suitable investigators are available to run an investigation to uncover truths.

D & K Management Consultants has investigators with suitable experience and qualifications to work with our youth with absolute consideration given to mental maturity, emotional status and age.

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