Optimal Protection with Effective Security Management

Article Published:Jan 20

While many of us may have heard of the term security management before, do we really understand what it means? Security management can be loosely defined as the documentation of all an organisation’s physical assets as well as its data, after which strategies and actions are put into place to protect the above mentioned assets. This piece will take a look at just how security management works.

As mentioned above, security management works to protect both physical and virtual assets, in the form of data. There may be two different security managers for these different types of assets.

  • Physical Assets:

    Implementing strategies in order to guard against the loss or damage of physical assets is an integral part of security management. For this case we’ll look at a large office building. The security manager will have a team of security staff that work within the building. This team will be responsible for the safety of the entire building and everything in it. The security manager will constantly perform risk assessments in order to ascertain where the organisation may vulnerable, and will then take steps to nullify this risk.

  • Virtual Assets:

    Virtual assets are naturally a lot more difficult to look after than physical assets. The security manager in charge of risk mitigation for virtual assets will almost always have a background in IT. The security manager and his team will ensure that measures are put into place to ensure the safety of all information and data belonging to the company. This will usually involve looking after servers, dealing with firewalls and making sure no sensitive information is leaving the organisation via employees’ e-mails. Just like protection of physical assets, the virtual asset security manager will also perform constant risk assessments.

In the fast paced business world it is vital that you and your organisation have adequate security management. This is especially true when it comes to sensitive data and information stored on PC’s, laptops and servers.

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