Employee Malpractice Investigations

"A company's most valuable asset - its staff - can also be its most dangerous threat", says Barry Spanner, GM of D & K Management Consultants.

Trust is an inherent human trait, but too often it is this trait that lowers our defences and allows for those closest to you to contribute to the company's downfall.

D & K Management Consultants investigates numerous malpractice investigations each year. All have one thing in common - an employee who, for various reasons, choose to engage in activities that are knowingly in contravention of company policy. Moonlighting, faking illness, time wasting and vehicle misuse are the most common of these activities, costing the company millions in lost sales, expenses and productivity.

D & K Management Consultants performs regular surveillance projects on errant sales representatives and truck drivers who, for one reason or another, have chosen to act in a manner which, not only negatively impacts on the clients business, but directly eats into the bottom line.

Car theft imageSurveillance

D & K Management Consultants is able to discreetly monitor employees suspected of misconduct through visual static or mobile surveillance.

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