EX-PAT Relocation Assistance

The role D & K Management Consultants fulfils within the risk consultancy sector has allowed the company to become a leading provider of Ex-Pat services, particularly in Africa and South Africa.

D & K Management Consultants' ex-pat' security consultants are frequently called upon to provide specialist on-the-ground' assistance. As the world turns and businesses grow, many of our clients, internationally and locally, are turning to D & K Management Consultants for help in providing special advice in relation to residential, office, plant, transport and school security.

On a continent where violence and crime are never far away, risks to expatriates need to be seriously considered. Depending on where in Africa these expatriates find themselves, the chances are good that special assistance should be strongly considered, even if it's just initially while the settling in process takes place.

D & K Management Consultants provides a complete dossier, known as CSSA reports' (Country Specific Security Awareness), specifically compiled for the individual/family relocating to a foreign environment. Essentially, this document becomes the bible' of security assistance and advice on schools, malls, police stations (their phone numbers), medical centres, embassies, etc. is provided in the CSSA file.

D & K Management Consultants provides services that will greatly reduce the risks faced by these individuals/families new to a foreign African country.

Selecting Assistance

Our consultants are available to work closely with expatriates in selecting adequate residences, offices, schools, etc.

Threat Assessments

D & K Management Consultants provides in-country risk response before and during a contract period. Regular updates online are available for employers and employees.

Crisis Response/Assistance

We offer our clients a full range of services to assist in the event of a crisis. Instances such as crime, labour unrest, automobile accidents, medical and political unrest are just a few examples, but each requires a detailed well thought out response plan.

VIP Protection/Bodyguarding

D & K Management Consultants provides specialist VIP protection as and when required. Our members/CPO's (Close Protection Officers) have many years of experience in many of the continent's most hostile operating environments.

Specialist expatriate risk plans are the responsibility of the employer. It is a requirement of good corporate governance that adequate assistance and measures are provided to any employee being deployed to work in a foreign land.Relocation Assistance Image

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