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As the business world becomes more and more competitive, rival businesses have started to employ underhanded tactics to gain an intimate knowledge of what goes on inside their competitor’s premises. In this piece we will take a closer look at the debugging services that D & K Investigators offer and how they can be of assistance to you.

Debugging is a fairly complex procedure that most often requires a team of at least two. Our team is perfectly equipped to sweep your business premises, home or even your car for bugs.

Radio waves

Most bugging devices produce radio waves in order to transmit data to another location. One of our team members will tackle this issue by using one of our Scanlock frequency locators. Once this sweep is completed, any bugs identified will be removed. This is an extremely effective method of removing bugs that transmit radio waves, but how do you get rid of bugs that do not emit any waves? Simple, you do a thorough physical search.

Physical search

The physical search often takes a lot longer than the radio wave scanner search. This is because just about every corner of the building or vehicle is searched for possible bugs. This sweep will work to detect any recording devices or what we refer to as dormant bugs. These are devices that have stopped working due to battery failure or are in a sleep mode.

Phone lines

Our debugging team is also equipped to investigate any suspicion you may have of your phone lines being tapped. Being able to check for these devices is of vital importance as you may unwittingly be sharing sensitive information with the competition. Our team will also check your PABX rooms as well as your DB boxes for possible bugs.

Debugging is becoming an increasingly useful tool in 'corporate guerrilla warfare’. Contact us today if you suspect that your business premises, vehicle or home’s privacy has been compromised. Our expert debugging team will find and root out any devices that have been used to monitor your movements or obtain information illegally.

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