Understanding Core Functions of a Private Investigator

Article Published:May 24

Private investigation has been hugely "fantasized" over the past decade- the stereotypical image of a rugged man in a dimly lit office, helping out a damsel who has been "done down", is quite the misconception. It's easy to assume that a private investigator usually undermines police services and solves crimes by breaking laws themselves. In real life, private investigators actually help in criminal investigations, working with the cops in certain instances. Being a police officer places restrictions on your actions as a citizen, but private investigators are not bound by these restrictions. For this reason, police often hire private investigators when they can't pursue the case further.

Another reason that a private investigator would be hired for a criminal investigation is that the law can only step in once sufficient evidence has been attained, and the police are frequently overloaded with cases that can be addressed with relatively less investigation. As such these matters are normally given higher priority. However, this administrative challenge does not make these cases any less important. Individuals often hire private investigators to perform criminal investigation only until enough evidence has been collected so that police can take over and make an arrest.

Even though private investigators aren't restricted by the law in terms of assisting the police with investigations, this does not mean that they are above the legal system. In other words private investigators, even when performing criminal investigation, cannot retrieve evidence by breaking or contravening the law in any way. In most cases acquiring evidence in this manner will nullify its admissibility. The problem is that police officers don't have the time to perform the legwork and hard hours required to sift through public records and databases to find information that can be used as evidence. This is why we have private investigators who can focus on specific matters and go the extra mile when it comes to seeing a matter through to conclusion.

The idea of a private investigators chasing down criminals and brawling them to justice is far fetched in present-day private investigation. It has become more about research and investigation into records and databases. This is where the primary wisdom of private investigation lies in. The ability to define useful from redundant information is a critical skill, and networking has also become pivotal to the role of a private investigator.

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