Tips for Hiring a Private Investigator in Johannesburg

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Hiring a private investigator in Johannesburg can be a fairly daunting experience, especially if you’ve never had to do so in the past. Our minds conjure images of Hollywood films in days past where an investigator sat in a dingy office, smoking a pipe waiting for their phone to ring. These gnarled professionals never came across as inviting or particularly sympathetic to our causes.

Fortunately, however, this is all just a façade created by film industry professionals. Modern private investigators are consummate professionals with all of the experience and know-how required to get to the bottom of your case.

Below we’ll take a look at a few sound tips you’ll need to know before hiring a private investigator:

The initial search

If you haven’t heard of a private investigator in Johannesburg from a friend or family member, you’ll need to do a quick Google search for investigation professionals in and around your area. Once you’ve narrowed down your search you will need to ensure that all of the investigators on your shortlist are fully licensed to carry out their work. Failure to do this could jeopardise your case should it ever go to court.

Prepare all of the necessary documentation prior to your first consultation

Private investigators in Johannesburg will often need all of the information possible pertaining to the case that you want him or her to investigate. You should be able to explain exactly what you want to achieve with this investigation in a clear and concise way - remember that these are industry professionals, not mind readers.

Allow your private investigator in Johannesburg to get on with his or her job

Investigators will normally contact you a couple of times every week with updates regarding the progress of your case. These should be more than sufficient for your inquisitive mind. Remember not to bombard your investigator with daily phone calls demanding to know how the case is going - this can be counterproductive when your detective is focusing on completing your investigation.

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