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The following piece will explore more closely why you should consider hiring a private investigator in Johannesburg the next time you, or your business, become affected by criminal activity. Johannesburg is one of the largest, and arguably the most well developed city on the African continent. It’s seen as a beacon of hope for those looking to find employment away from rural areas both locally and in countries further north. With this large influx of people to such a concentrated area comes a massive spike in criminal activity targeting both residential and commercial areas.

Overworked, underpaid police force: choosing a private investigator in Johannesburg

The South African police force never finds itself too far away from criticism, including that from the media and SA citizens. Corruption and nepotism are rife within its ranks and the number of good, honest hard-working men and women within the organisation are taking on the burden of the work for very poor compensation. While the abovementioned officers are doing everything in their power to keep crime levels under control, there is only so much that you can effectively achieve in such a sprawling city.

Hiring a private investigator in Johannesburg means that any investigations that need to be carried out will be done so by a company or operator in the private sector. Your investigator will be able to dedicate his or her time to your case, gather evidence and statements which will then be sent over to the SAPS. Once the police have all of the information they need your matter will be heard by one of the various courts within the Johannesburg area where a judge will preside over your case.

The team of professionals here at D & K investigators has undergone extensive training and possess all necessary qualifications to operate effectively within the industry. Our wide range of services includes fraud investigations, polygraph tests, employee background checks to name a few. For a private investigator in Johannesburg and Gauteng that you can rely on, simply contact us today.

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