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"Seldom can it be said that an industry can be so complex and can be influenced by such an array of risks with such a high level of consequence as the hospitality industry", says Kyle Condon, MD of D & K Management Consultants.

Hotels and guest lodges, in particular, virtually stand on their own when one looks at a business and crime related risks. As a result of the myriad loss avenues, D & K Management Consultants has dedicated a department solely to the hotel industry. On-going thefts from the various departments such as food and beverage, housekeeping, maintenance, etc. pose unique challenges to hotel management. Only experienced undercover investigators are going to make real in-roads into preventing theft activities.

D & K Management Consultants' hotel crime investigators have extensive knowledge in the types of criminal and malpractice activity that takes place in a hotel. Added to this is our complete understanding of labour law and guest relations.

Hotels are generally regarded as public places with 'open' areas such as foyers, bars and restaurants, which by their very nature can attract criminal elements. Credit card syndicates, prostitution, narcotics, baggage thieves, black market traders, etc. are just some of the criminal profiles who choose to make hotels their 'hunting ground'.

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Internal Threats

Internal threats committed by hotel staff are also major problems in this industry. Our experienced undercover investigators are in great demand due directly to these crimes. Investigating theft of linen, guests' items, food, liquor, etc. forms just a part of the undercover brief. Operating and productivity related problems are other major areas of focus.

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