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It is our belief that there is definitely place for polygraph testing during an investigation. These are often situations where our investigators need to separate those suspected of being involved from those who are not. D & K Management Consultants will only make use of polygraph testing where consent is given. The polygraph test itself is performed only by an examiner who is certified and trained in the field of polygraph examinations.

Our polygraph services and polygraph testing is used as a ‘tool’ or ‘guide’ during an investigation, thus, assisting the investigator to steer his investigation in the right direction.

D & K’s polygraph testing examiners have an excellent track record with regard to obtaining confessions or admissions either prior or during testing. Their keen understanding of the human mind and psyche often enables them to get the truth simply through tactical questioning techniques.

The Polygraph Testing Process:

Polygraph Test & Polygraph Services


Definition of polygraph

The polygraph is an instrument that measures changes in a person’s body associated with stress or deception. These changes are heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and the galvanic nerve response of the skin (emotional sweating).

The polygraph testing process allows a trained polygrapher to pick up on these changes and responses. These physical changes occur when a person is lying. The polygrapher will use a combination of test questions (meaningless) and relevant questions to measure these changes.

Our investigators advise that the following five (5) steps are applied to ensure success in the labour courts or CCMA regarding the polygraph testing results:

  1. 1. Only use an expert certified by SAPPA or PASA.
  2. 2. Ensure the subject is physically and mentally fit.
  3. 3. Obtain employee’s consent, in writing, prior to polygraph testing.
  4. 4. Ensure subject gets a full process explanation.
  5. 5. Expert (polygrapher) must testify to his/her findings.

Initially decisions in the industrial court cautioned against relying on polygraph tests as evidence, however, currently, the general trend in the CCMA is to actually allow polygraph evidence on the following basis:

  • - Polygrapher is an expert witness.
  • - Commissioner cannot interpret polygraph test as implying guilt, but may regard it as an important factor backing up further evidence.


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