Financial Investigations

"Finding critical facts is what we do", says Kyle Condon, MD of D & K Management Consultants.

In order to solve financial crimes, our investigators work closely with our clients. This process begins with the initial discovery and is followed up to the conclusion. Tracing misappropriated funds and assets is a large part of the financial investigative process. This will often include preparing of reports for the S.A.P.S. or for civil litigation and it is not uncommon for a financial investigation to lead to our clients recovering lost cash and/or assets.

Financial Investigation imageIncluded in our Financial Investigation services bouquet is our pre-sue investigation. This particular investigation allows our clients and their legal counsel to get a full understanding of a defendant or company's financial worth. This enables informed decisions to be made, often saving large amounts of funds and time.

Financial investigations are further used to identify assets, both moveable and fixed, of suspects both locally and internationally.

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