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The definition for fraud as provided by the English Oxford dictionary defines fraud as 'criminal deception intended to result in financial gain'.

Our Fraud Investigations department consists of three (3) top South African certified fraud investigatorsand examiners, aided by a team of crack forensic specialists including a graphologist (handwriting specialist) and a certified document examiner. As a team, they are able to provide the entire range of fruad investigative services related to all fraud cases. These fraud investigations include investment funds, cheque tampering fraud, false employment information, identity fraud, cash and product fraud, syndicate fraud and fraud by diversion or skimming.

Our fraud investigations team do not only assist with the actual fraud investigations but, as with all our services, are committed to assisting our clients to recover and prevent future fraud from occurring. The expertise in the evidence gathering process enables our client to rest easy in the knowledge that our investigators are driven to professionally resolve the problem with the client's best interests at heart.

When fraud cases and the relevant fraud investigations leads to litigation or criminal charges, our clients know that our team of experts work around the clock in identifying salient issues to arrive at a swift conclusion.

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