The Kinds of Financial and Fraud Investigations Available

Any investigation into a suspicious financial situation is necessary to recover or preserve finances, whether they be personal or business related. Fraud investigations are a more specific kind of financial investigation that examines the act of, for example, deceiving insurance to reap financial gain. Both of these situations can quickly turn ugly and leave individuals in financial distress, so calling for financial investigations is best done sooner rather than later.

What are Fraud Investigations?

There are multiple kinds of fraud that include, but are not limited to:

Credit Card Fraud

In the case of credit card fraud, this involves any kind of theft or fraud with a payment card. Credit card fraud is often associated with identity theft and the unauthorised obtaining of funds from an account that does not belong to you.

Medical Fraud

This refers to when people claim disability or injury from their work or insurance when they are in fact exaggerating their injuries or completely fabricating them. Investigators will carry out surveillance to determine how severe the injury actually is. Often people claim to be immobile, but when out of sight they have "miraculously" recovered. This can be as extreme as someone living off of disability allowances when they are actually completely mobile or as pedestrian as someone claiming to have been injured in a car accident when they are, in fact, unharmed and simply wish to cash in on the situation.


This is a form of white collar crime that involves collecting funds "off the top" or skimming from a business. In legal terms it is referred to as defalcation, and it is usually done by someone trusted to handle and protect these funds. When an individual takes advantage of this situation by skimming they are stealing from a business in the hopes that it is a small enough amount that no one will notice. In our experience, this is rarely the case.

What Are Financial Investigations?

Fraud is among the financial investigations we cover, but this receives more specialised attention once it has been established that the case is in fact fraudulent.

Money Laundering

Once money has been obtained illegally (and often to fund further illegal criminal activities like terrorist funding or drug trafficking) it is hidden from channels that would usually pick up that something is out of place. Money laundering is the process through which this money is hidden from the law through multiple accounts, transactions and shell corporations, across multiple countries, in an attempt to fool authorities - so they lose track of the money and where it ends up.
Financial crimes include, but are not limited to, those mentioned above. Our financial and fraud investigations cover a whole host of situations; defining it is simply the first step in our investigation process. Should you have any suspicions when it comes to your personal or business finances - contact us, and let us put a stop to these financial crimes.

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