During the process of an investigation our investigators are often required to run a surveillance project. The word 'surveillance' is French for "watching over" and this is exactly what our teams do.

There are countless reasons why our clients request surveillance services, however, the common theme is the need for accurate information not available via any other means.

D & K Management Consultants has the capabilities to run surveillance operations through five (5) specialised methods:

  • - Mobile
  • - Static
  • - Undercover
  • - Technical
  • - Global positioning

The investigators used to perform the surveillance operations are highly skilledsurveillance image individuals who have developed the special skills required to successfully manage these projects through years of experience in covert intelligence units, specialised military units and police task teams.

All surveillance investigations/services are handled with discretion and confidentiality being the primary mandate.

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"Thanks to D&K, we were able to carry out a discreet private investigation, simply and fast."
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