The Importance of Information Security Management

Article Published:Aug 12

Information security management refers to the work done in order to protect sensitive information and data against mismanagement, damage to the data, or the loss of the said information. This article will focus on why it is so important to have a strong information security management system in place to complement other measures such as security surveillance, guards and so forth.

Things have changed drastically over the last 30 years or so. Everything is stored digitally on servers or hard drives; this means that an entire businesses database may be accessible to a malicious person with the right skills – notwithstanding theft of hardware itself. While the digital storage of information has made life a lot easier in terms of accessing information, it also means that businesses have to implement certain strategies in order to keep their sensitive information and IT resources safe.

Most businesses will implement something called an information security management system (ISMS); this is essentially a set of guidelines for 'analytically’ managing a business’ sensitive information and data. The aim of a good information security management system is to minimise risk of losing sensitive information and make sure damage is limited in the event of a security breach. This is an internal measure that goes hand in hand with the external measures, to secure the perimeter and offer visual deterrence.

A solid information security management system can be targeted toward divergent key objectives. Firstly, it can be aimed at examining employee behaviour over a network. The system can also be targeted toward a certain type of data such as client records. The system can also be geared comprehensively to manage all types of data in an office or company.

Typically the risks to your assets can be assessed in three ways:

- Direct threats to your assets
These are actions which may lead to the loss of, or damage to, your assets.

- Your vulnerability
This, simply put, is how susceptible your information or assets may be to an attack.

- Impact of a security breach
This will measure the extent of the influence a potential security breach could have on your data and organisation.

A good information security management system is a must in today’s world. With so much sensitive information and data kept on servers, you simply can’t afford to not be protected. Even with the best systems though, it does happen that inexplicable situations arise, ranging from breach of data, to arson and so on. Sensitive matters of this nature call for expert investigation. Contact D&K Investigations and Risk Consultants today for corporate due diligence, surveillance, private investigation and much more!

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