Hiring A Private Investigator For Surveillance Purposes Only

Article Published:Jul 19

It’s common knowledge that a major part of a private investigator’s responsibilities revolves around observation and information assimilation. This "surveillance" is more often than not a key factor for private detectives to either build or to successfully conclude an investigation. Trying to attain information openly through direct contact, or while the suspect is cognisant of what is transpiring is naturally very difficult. Surveillance is thus used to covertly attain unbiased information when no mental or physical defences, so to say, are at play.

In most investigations performing effective surveillance, even if it’s the first step in the investigative process, can help a private investigator gather as much as 60% of the required information needed to crack a case. There are also occasions where effective surveillance transforms an otherwise drawn out matter into an open and shut case. Here are 5 popular cases where private investigators rely on pure surveillance.

Infidelity Investigation

This is the most commonly depicted role of a private investigator in many modern dramas and unfortunately is not uncommonly performed by our private detectives in Johannesburg. In these cases, as seen often on television, the private investigator simply needs to catch the suspect in the act. This can often be concluded with surveillance alone, making it one of the cheapest forms of private investigation.

Investor Clarification

The business world is a harsh and cutthroat environment and scammers are very often developing new and sinister schemes to make a "quick buck". For this reason, our private detectives in Johannesburg are hired on a rather regular basis to investigate, thoroughly screen and conduct detailed background searches on prospective investors. This investigation becomes a 'ratification’ process potentially saving companies millions should any foul play be uncovered.


Stealing, unfortunately, just seems to be second nature to some and a 'loyal employee’ embezzling large amounts of money is not unpopular - and more so our technologically advanced day and age. A private investigator will often be hired to conduct surveillance that also entails the use of CCTV systems or servers and networks in order to expose the guilty employee.

Child Support

It’s sad to see how many divorced parents try to evade paying child support. On these occasions private detectives are hired to find out firstly if the suspect is still alive, and secondly where the individual resides and is employed.

Injury Insurance

Although it seems far more common in America, insurance companies experience a large number of fraudulent claims tallying millions each year. This may result from clients trying to over-claim on an injury, or faking an injury or disability. A private investigator can relatively easily clear this up using surveillance techniques coupled with experience and a keen understanding of what tell-tale signs to look out for.

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