Labour Brokers Investigation Services

Allowing someone to represent your company is always a potentially activity, even more so if that person is largely unknown and potentially only has his/her own interests at heart.

Labour brokers are increasingly finding themselves labour imageunder pressure, not only from trade Unions and government but also from negative media reports. The growing notion is that labour brokers provide temporary staff that are not only desperate for work, but who are also susceptible to criminal activity. With no real corporate attachment, it is easy to see why these individuals are devoid of company loyalty, resulting in a myriad of problems for the broker and the client.

Background Screening

Although common in the industry, this does not guarantee a reduction in risk. The main reason for this is that specialists are not always used. HR personnel are not always equipped with the correct skills and contacts to get a true reflection of the person being vetted, resulting in a false sense of security.

D & K Management Consultants is able to provide a full range of vetting and screening services for every level of candidate.

Undercover Investigations

Many of the labour brokers that are on our books have opted to make use of our Undercover service. These investigators infiltrate theft rings/syndicates and supply accurate 'grass roots' information to the broker on what is actually taking place. In fact, many of the broker's clients are insisting on undercover placed through the labour brokers company.

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