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Law firms and attorneys very often require further information or facts for pending litigation. Legal investigations form a large part of D & K Management Consultants' services.

Our legal investigators are quite different from private investigators (and others) due to our investigators understanding the expectations of law firms and lawyers and, therefore, they conduct themselves and their investigation in a manner that all law firms would be proud to associate themselves with.

Depending on the brief, our investigators will work closely with the client or firm representative. Asset identification and 'man of substance or straw' investigations are typical of the most common legal investigation requested. D & K Management Consultants has a network of sources to assist in most evidence gathering projects.

Hiring a professional investigations company is the best move you can make when critical information is being sought. D & K Management Consultants, through 18 years of actual investigations experience and countless hours of presenting evidence for both civil and criminal cases, should be your first and only choice.

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"Thanks to D&K, we were able to carry out a discreet private investigation, simply and fast."
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