Mining Industry Investigation Services

Due directly to the diversity of the mining industry and its associated sectors, it is in no way surprising that specialised security services, in particular, investigations and undercover investigators, are in great demand for this sector.

Since 1993 D & K Management Consultants has been providing undercover investigators to the mining industry. Our unparalleled expertise and investigations experience in this very complex environment is unmatched. Our investigators completely understand the impact of risk in the industry.

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It is not uncommon to encounter large scale theft, sabotage and fraud activity. With backhand payments, inflated invoices and, often, widespread corruption eating into profits, D & K Management Consultants offers services directly geared to tackling these activities head on.

Unfortunately, we often encounter situations where guarding contractors sell themselves as investigators with the necessary experience which is not the case. As an independent, outside company, D & K Management Consultants is in no way influenced or biased. The findings of our investigations are based completely on fact.

Our due diligence investigation allows our clients to get a true perspective of who and what they are dealing with, prior to new ventures, acquisitions and partnerships.

TSCM Sweeping and De-Bugging is another service that D & K's specialist risk consultants perform regularly in the mining sector.

Competitive malpractice, mistrust and corporate spying are, unfortunately, never too far away in this industry. It is, therefore, important that clients in this industry have a well trusted and professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasure team at their disposal.
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