Off-Site CCTV Monitoring

Think about it, you have paid good money for your current system, but has your investment given you good returns?

If the answer is no, then it is more than likely due to the fact that your system is being used as a reactive tool and not as a management tool. This is common due largely to the fact that most companies do not have someone who can dedicate the required time to view the day's recordings.

D & K Management Consultants has the solution. Why not allow our team of video surveillance specialists to do your viewing for you, thus turning your system into a proactive system and not one used only when incidents are actually reported (on many occasions, days or weeks later)?

Independent Footage Monitoring

D & K will collect 120 hours of recorded footage from your system to be viewed at our offices. This will provide the facility for your company to have incidents detected and brought to your attention that otherwise may not have been made known to you!

cctv monitoring image

An added advantage to our team's viewing the recording is that reviewing leads to better detection of incidents than live viewing. The reason for this is that our viewer is not under pressure and has the added benefit of rewinding parts of the recording they're concerned about, or can opt to watch it in slow motion.

Can Multiple Cameras be Viewed?

The answer is yes. All footage taken off your system will be made up of recordings from all your cameras. Should you require us to focus more on a specific area or camera, obviously, our viewers would do so.


Every month you'll receive a detailed report containing all recorded incidents including date, time and occurrence. Added to this, you will receive a 'highlights' CD/DVD/flash drive, containing all reported incidents. This allows for you to only watch incidents that we found to be of importance.


All footage that shows incidents of criminal activity or breach of company policy can be used for both internal hearings and criminal prosecution. Added to this, our experienced Risk Management department will advise you on options available to you for further investigative work, if and where required.


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