How can polygraph tests assist in criminal investigations?

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This piece will focus more closely on polygraph tests and how they can assist investigators in criminal cases. Many people think that all hard work ceases once a suspect has been arrested or brought in for questioning in relation to a particular crime. However, the real work begins once investigators can start questioning the individual involved in a bid to ascertain whether or not he or she was actually involved in any illegal activity. There are a number of different ways for investigators and police to extract helpful information from suspects.

How accurate are these tests?

Unfortunately, polygraph tests are not 100% accurate as different people react differently when subjected to questioning. As such, a completely innocent person can display nervous tendencies while telling the truth just as easily as a guilty party can remain calm and collected when questioned. Thus, these devices can give inaccurate results and are best used in conjunction with other evidence or testing. It is for this reason that polygraph tests are never used in a definitive manner when it comes to determining a party’s guilt or innocence. They are only ever used to complement a criminal investigation.

How polygraph tests are employed in the field?

These tests have proven to be very useful in a number of different cases. They can be used in:

  • Assisting with the elimination of suspects
  • Ascertaining whether or not informants are providing investigators with accurate information
  • Gathering of additional information which may be helpful in the investigation
  • Allowing investigators to focus the investigation on particular individuals or aspects pertaining to the case
  • Assisting investigators recognise false claims made by suspects as well as informants
    • Above are just a few of the ways in which polygraph tests can be used in order to assist with a criminal case. Sound polygraphing coupled with effective investigation techniques can lead to swift action being taken against a guilty party, often speeding up an investigation as well as court proceedings. Contact the team at D & K investigators today to find out more about our excellent range of services.

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