Polygraph Services to Assist Professionals During Investigations

The polygraph is a fantastic invention made up of a variety of separate parts, all working with the same purpose. The idea behind the combination of parts that make up the polygraph machine is to very sensitively pick up and identify subtle body movements, reactions and signals to inform the interrogator when the suspect is feeling nervous. This unfortunately makes polygraph services somewhat of an art, as people get nervous for all sorts of reasons and others are even able to hide their nerves.

This is why we only ever recommend polygraph services when a trained professional is performing the interrogation or criminal investigation. Professionals can pick up when the machine is accurately identifying a reaction and when natural nerves are kicking in. An expert may also be able to identify subtle reactions that the polygraph may somehow not pick up on. And in this situation a dangerous criminal might be set free if we only relied on the machine as opposed to the specialised analyses of a professional, who is able to understand the subjective and objective aspects of the assessment.

The results only add value to existing evidence

Polygraph services are often used in criminal investigations by experts to secure a type of second opinion or confirmation - although polygraph results alone can never warrant an arrest. If these results were coupled with more evidence, however, like an eye witness account then they would carry more value in the legal sense. They do play an important role nonetheless, seeing that cases need to be proved beyond doubt and professionally executed tests will definitely add credibility.

Experts also understand human behaviour

A real professional in domestic, business and criminal investigation, who utilises a polygraph, will be able to better understand the results that it produces. They will also be able to perform the actual interrogation at a much greater level of accuracy. This involves asking the right questions, with the right timing between questions, as well as many more factors like watching eye-behaviour and listening to tone. This all comes together at the end to complement the polygraph services and produce reliable and sound results.

So you can see now that performing a polygraph test may not be as easy as the movies may show. Trust only experts to accurately and reliably perform polygraph services in a safe and effective way. Here at D&K Investigators we are specialists in the fields of domestic, business and criminal investigations among other related services. For more details on Polygraph Services you can visit our site or contact us here directly.

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