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Article Published: 14 March 2012

Polygraph tests have been around for quite a while and have proved very useful in assisting investigators to establish whether or not an individual is being truthful. Polygraph tests are used in a wide variety of different applications from criminal investigations right the way through to job interviews. In this piece we will work to give a brief overview of how these tests work and why polygraph services could be advantageous to you and your business.

How does a polygraph test work?

Typically speaking, people hooked up to a polygraph machine will have around 4 to 8 sensors placed on various parts of their body. These sensors work to determine slight changes in the subject's breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure, pulse and perspiration. Once the examiner is happy with how everything is set up the test can commence. It is also important when utilising polygraph services to make sure that you work with an experienced provider.

The test

In order to ascertain how the person being tested reacts to certain inquiries they will be asked a series of everyday questions which do not pertain to the actual test. Once this is out of the way the session can begin. The sensors pick up on minute differences in breathing, perspiration, blood pressure and heartbeat. These fluctuations will then be recorded on a piece of paper for further examination.The entire session will usually be recorded by the polygraph examiner so that he or she can revisit it for analyses.

When can I use polygraph services?

Polygraph tests can be used for a number of different reasons, the most popular use for this type of test is to establish whether or not an employee is being truthful in a case of misconduct. These tests are often also used in job interviews and such as a way of determining whether somebody has been completely truthful in their application.

Here at D&K Investigators we make use of only the best polygraph examiners to conduct our tests, ensuring fair and accurate results every time. Contact us today to find out how you can make use of our polygraph services or for more information.

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