Polygraph Tests Assist in Preventing Crime at Work

Polygraph tests are a great way to ensure trustworthy employees. As our unemployment rate continues to rise we are unfortunately seeing a large influx of manipulated CVs, certificates and many more accreditations. This comes with no surprise, however, as desperation levels are continually increasing and many people are trying last-resort actions to secure a decent living. As a business you simply can't afford to hire someone with these kinds of false credentials though. So we at D & K Investigators would like to offer the ideal solution for you – pre-employment polygraph tests.

How these tests assist companies

When you're seeking to employ a qualified professional you simply can't risk hiring someone without legitimate knowledge and qualifications. This is also because, in our current times, firing an employee is an extremely difficult and arduous task. This is worse when you find that he or she cannot deliver on the tasks at hand. Polygraph tests assist here by uncovering blatant lies and rooting out unexpected problems that may plague your business later. They can also act as an immediate deterrent for any criminals who know they are doing wrong and save you time on interviewing untrustworthy candidates.

What they can reveal

Polygraph tests are unique in the fact that the results are only as good as the polygraph test expert who is operating the machine, asking the questions and reviewing the results. This is because each person is unique and thus will give different results. So in order to have the most precise results possible you want to ensure that the operator is able to differentiate patterns in answers and behaviour as well as be able to correlate these patterns with the results. If the polygraph tests operator is skilled, however, he or she will uncover information about past crimes, both big and small, as well as numerous factors such as drug or alcohol abuse – which all influence the employee's marketability.

So contact us at D&K Investigators today if you are interested in quality polygraph tests for your interviewing process. We are always excited to assist you by providing sound and reliable services relating to our specialised field such as polygraph tests.

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