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Article Published:14 March

With South Africa's crime statistics on the increase coupled with an often overworked, underpaid and poorly equipped police force, more and more people are turning to private criminal investigation. While often romanticised in films and novels over the years, the job of a private investigator often involves gritty work that isn't always depicted in these works of fiction. In this piece we will take a closer look at private criminal investigation and how you or your business can benefit from an efficient and experienced PI.

How does private criminal investigation work?

Private criminal investigation works similarly to how a police investigation would work. The victim of suspected criminal activity will contact the private investigator. The victim and the investigator will meet and discuss the factors relating to the case, the victim will also hand over any and all evidence that they may have. Once the evidence has been handed over the investigator can get to work. Following the investigation, the investigator will present the verdict to the victim who will then hand over the information to the police and usually press appropriate charges.

Why private criminal investigation?

It isn't fair to say that our entire police force is lazy and incompetent; however, they are stretched incredibly thin in terms of resources and personnel. Making use of a private investigator will ensure that most of the initial investigation is carried out by someone with a great deal of time as well as all of the necessary resources available to them. This allows the investigator to focus solely on your case, getting through as much work as possible in the smallest amount of time. This paves the way for quick resolutions to criminal cases, letting you as well as your business rest easily with the knowledge that your case has been dealt with effectively.

Criminal investigation in South Africa continues to play an important role in both the private and public sector, especially when you consider how many people and businesses fall victim to criminal activity on a daily basis. ContactD&K Investigators to find out exactly how you and your business can benefit from our range of services, including private criminal investigation.

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