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Private investigations as a whole, is a truly unique industry. Interestingly, it follows similar patterns to policing, even hunting and acting decisively on solid research. However, our agents can do what police officers often can’t, perhaps due to limitations such as shortage of resources and some restrictive regulations.

This is why we offer our prioritised and personalised services centred on the specifics of your case - no matter how specialised. These include sensitive matters dealing with runaways and missing persons; allow us to explain more about this.

Tracking and recovering runaways

Although many people intend to run away when they leave home with that abrupt thought in mind, not many people consider the fact that others may utilise private investigations to search for them. This usually ensures that they leave a fair amount of evidence wherever they go.

The exception, of course, is if the person running away is skilled at investigation or hiding tracks, although this is highly uncommon for basic runaway situations. In the average case, our investigators can employ a wide variety of skills and techniques to follow their trail and recover the runaway person. Should more sophisticated means be required to trace such persons, our professional staff is still equally capable.

Private investigations for missing persons

Missing persons are similar to runaway cases, but are typically harder to track. This is because when a person goes missing, there could be a number of reasons why. They may be lost in a new location, may be living with a friend or family member or possibly in extreme cases have been kidnapped or victim of a serious crime.

This is a far scarier situation than a simple runaway scenario, although our skilled investigators are experienced in finding and exploiting the smallest of clues in order to successfully close a case. This is why we have achieved remarkable success with so many of the most challenging cases that have crossed our desks.

If you need reliable private investigations to locate a missing or runaway person, contact D & K Management Consultants today. We offer services that cater to a wide variety of client needs. Call today to find out more.

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