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Hiring a private investigator to watch a member of your family is never an easy thing to do. It is, however, sometimes necessary to keep that family member safe or to keep your family reputation intact. In such scenarios, it may be necessary to keep track of where they go, what they do and whom they talk to.

Perhaps you suspect a spouse of infidelity, or perhaps you simply want to ensure optimal protection for your daughter with her new boyfriend. Regardless of the reason, however, hiring an investigator to watch a family member is a delicate task, but is one that we can handle with care.

Tracking vehicles

It is not against the law to put a GPS tracker in a vehicle that you own. This is what allows us to keep an eye on any family members slipping out at night or lying about where they are going. This is also non-invasive, meaning that it doesn’t necessarily deprive them of freedom or reveal personal information. What this information can do for a private investigator, however, is confirm or deny any lingering suspicions you may have - which will generally either solve the problem or let you know that your concerns are justifiable.

Personal surveillance by a private investigator

If your suspicions were confirmed by tracking the vehicle that your family member was driving, you can then move onto a more serious method of investigation. This involves an investigator actually following the family member and performing surveillance. Surveillance can be either simply following and watching from within a vehicle, or actually utilising a disguise to frequent the same stores and venues that the family member would.

This is more invasive than simply tracking a vehicle, so be sure to hire only professional private investigators. If your family member finds out that you are investigating them, the situation could easily change and the investigation, as well as your relationship with them, would be compromised.

For professional and skilled private investigation that is as discrete as it is effective, contact D & K Management Consultants today. We enlist only the highest calibre of private investigator to bring you service excellence in every aspect.

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