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The job of a private investigator in Johannesburg simply isn't as glamorous as many Hollywood blockbusters make it out to be. It often involves meticulously planned investigations, painstaking observations and difficult confrontations. Fortunately however, the team here at D&K has been working in the industry for over 18 years, building a reputation as one of the leading providers of private investigators in Johannesburg. This piece will take a closer look at why you should be considering our experts for your next delicate personal or business matter.

Private investigator in Johannesburg to help where police often can't

While it isn't fair to say that the majority of South Africa's police force is comprised of lazy, incompetent officers, it is fair to assume that these officers are often overworked and underpaid - as has been echoed over the years. Take some time to consider the number of crimes that occur in Johannesburg alone on a daily basis, the SAPS simply don't have enough boots on the ground to competently deal with criminal matters with fervent immediacy.

This is where a private investigator in Johannesburg can really offer great value. Our experienced professionals deal with various criminal as well as non-criminal matters daily including:

  • Investigations into activities of specified individuals or parties
  • Investigations relating to substance and drug abuse
  • Gathering of information in cases of adultery and infidelity
  • Investigations into domestic and matrimonial matters
  • Cases of corruption, fraud and misrepresentation
  • Cases of missing persons

How it works

Private investigations are most often quite sensitive in nature and require a certain level of rapport between clients and detectives. As such, any and all information that you provide us - as well as information ascertained during the case - with will always be dealt with responsibly and with regard for the law.

The first step is to attend a pre-investigation consultation with one of our trained consultants. During this appointment, the client will be required to hand over any information pertaining to the case in order to aid the investigator. Following this, the client will be quoted before the investigator explains all of the legalities around the case and how it should be approached.

Contact the team here at D&K Investigators today to find out how our group of private detectives can assist you. We have been providing each of our clients with a suitable private investigator in Johannesburg, catering for their unique needs for many years, cementing our place among the most experienced firms in the country.

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