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Millions of Rands worth of belongings ends up in the hands of criminals on a daily basis, which has increased the demand for specialised theft investigation. And with perpetrators becoming more sophisticated advanced skills and efficiencies are warranted to expose cracks, recover goods and ultimately alleviate such activities. What's more, there's only so much that an increasingly beleaguered police force can do to curb the surge in theft that has troubled the country for the last few years now.

Enlisting the services of a private theft investigation unit can not only help apprehend the offenders, but get your belongings "safely" back to you. This piece will focus more closely at the role in which private investigators have to play in South Africa.

Theft investigation for private citizens

Theft investigators are often called in when a private member of the public or organisation for that matter, has had something particularly valuable stolen. The item's monetary value can be exceedingly high or it might just be of sentimental value. Either way, the task falls to the theft investigation team in order to track down, and with the assistance of the police, apprehend those responsible for the theft.

Not only do we assist you in getting your valuables back, we also help you take preventative measures to avert future thefts from occurring.

Solving pertinent South African issues

Private theft investigation units are often called on to track down those responsible for stealing copper phone cables. This act costs both the public and private sectors billions of Rands every year, not to mention the incredible inconvenience caused to citizens as well as businesses. The illegal copper trade in South Africa runs much deeper than most South Africans know. The thieves work closely with scrap metal dealers who pay reduced sums of money for large consignments of illegal copper.

Working together with the police force, private theft investigators have managed to shut down several large scale illegal operations and syndicates.

Contact the team here at D&K Investigators for any queries that you may have with regards to our theft investigation department. We work closely with all of our clients in a bid to ensure that belongs are returned, cases are solved and offenders are tried for their crimes with the necessary punishments being handed out through South Africa's judicial system.

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