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When most people think of polygraph testing, they tend to conjure up images of criminals being aggressively questioned in a dark and dingy room. This, however, can’t be further from the truth. Polygraph tests are carried out by professionals on consenting suspects in regular buildings. This piece will take a closer look at some of the more frequently asked questions surrounding these tests.

What is a polygraph test?

The polygraph test is a system by which a scientific instrument called a polygraph is utilised to record physiological changes that may take place in the human body. These changes are observed by an examiner and are used to ascertain whether or not you’re truthfully answering questions. Obviously, this can become quite a subjective procedure as the result of the test will come down to the finding of the examiner. These tests should always be used in conjunction with several other investigative measures to determine the suspect’s guilt.

How does the polygraph test work?

Polygraph tests, as mentioned earlier, work to pick up on slight physiological changes in the human body. Most of us have told a lie before and will be familiar with the clammy palms, racing heart and nervousness that accompanies the act. The test looks to pick up on these changes and records that data onto a sheet of paper which is later interpreted by the examiner. The person being questioned will be hooked up to strain gauges which pick up on respiratory changes as well as a special cuff to measure blood pressure. Electrodes are also placed on the fingers in order to measure the skins ability to conduct electricity.

Are these polygraph tests accurate?

There have been numerous studies carried out over the years investigating the accuracy of these tests. Most of these studies have shown that these tests range between 85 - 95% accuracy - which naturally is quite substantial. Contact the team here at D&K Management Consultants today to find out more about our comprehensive range of services including criminal investigations, polygraph testing, fraud and financial investigation, VIP protection as well as security surveys and risk assessments.

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