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shopping centre imageD & K Management Consultants offers our retail clients many years of experience in both loss control advice and investigations. The retail environment is a dynamic one, to say the least and, therefore, only a truly dynamic organisation such as D & K Management Consultants is suited to assist in this arena.

D & K understands the nature of risks and loss potential which, in the retail industry, requires a detailed understanding of all retail related portfolios, such as supply chain, storage, distribution, point of sale, outsourcing and health and safety aspects, to name but a few. At D & K Management Consultants, our retail investigators were mainly picked due to their years of experience, both locally and internationally in the various retail portfolios.

The protection of employees, customers and the company brand is another vital aspect of the Retail Security portfolio. When one considers this, it makes perfect sense for any business within the retail sector to align themselves with a respected risk consultancy such as D & K Management Consultants.

Recent data research according to the Global Retail Theft Barometer has revealed that in 2010 shrinkage as a result of internal thefts, external thefts, fraud and crime was at a staggering $107.3 billion. In fact, shrinkage represents 1.36% of retail sales. Now, just think how that is impacting on our local retail sector.

South Africa currently ranks at number 4 internationally when it comes to shoplifting and collusion between outsiders and employees.

D & K Management Consultants plays a major role in assisting clients in the retail sector through six (6) main services:

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