Risk Assessments

Client Specific Security Portfolio (CSSP)

The Condon's know full well that no two company's requirements in relation to security and loss control practices are the same. For this reason, D & K Management Consultants approach each risk assessment entirely on its own merits. Creating a CSSP is not just limited to businesses, in fact, the specialist service managed directly by our Managing Director, Kyle Condon, is frequently done for our clients managing hotels, public centres, government buildings, homes, shopping malls, hospitals and individual projects.

The scope of our Risk Assessment Service is to provide you with a detailed report based on our findings resulting from the assessment which will investigate possible threats, risks, vulnerabilities and political, social and environmental risks.

Each and every project results in a detailed CSSP report created directly from assessments done for you, the client.

The world in which we now live and work in is a very different place from the one we grew up in. To say the least, it is a very unpredictable place and, therefore, it is now more important than ever for you, your family and employees in your business to know that through D & K Management Consultants you have access to vital and critical information pertaining directly to related risk factors. The CSSP will in no small way enable you to continue with your business, travel or ventures, knowing that you have done all that you can to protect yourself, those around you or those you employ!

Travel Security Reports

D & K Management Consultants provides detailed travel safety reports for individuals travelling to unfamiliar destinations or employees being deployed on a contract basis. All potential risks are carefully evaluated and relevant recommendations and risk assessments are provided.

Our travel security reports contain information of in-country conditions related directly to our clients. We will provide critical information which will include reviews of your port of entry, political stability, accommodation, local customs, social requirements, transport availability, no-go areas, emergent conditions, criminal activity and emergency contact numbers and centres closest to you or your people.

Risk assessment imageRisk Assessments and Consulting

Critical decisions made about a company's security and loss control portfolio cannot be taken lightly. Neither should these decisions be made by those with minimal security expertise and experience. A company's security needs to be appropriate to the specific, and often unique, risks or threats facing a business.

D & K Management Consultants has over 18 years of experience in security consulting with consultants who are completely independent and have no allegiance to guarding services, CCTV installers, alarm installers, etc. This ensures that our clients obtain solutions that have their best interests at heart and only theirs!

Our consultants are able to assist with selecting and vetting outside contractors, if and when required. Therefore, eliminating the situation of products or services being sold or 'pushed' when, in fact, they are not needed or suited to the client's requirements.

From physical security assessments to policy developments, procedural testing and system integration, our risk consultants are available to assist companies both locally and internationally.

Out-of-country security assessments form a large part of our consulting portfolio. Business operations in new countries or unfamiliar surroundings can be quite daunting at the best of times. Business premises and operational procedures need not cause further problems as our consultants will perform full security assessments to ensure your operation functions without the added worry of losses or criminal targeting.

In new environments, we are able to assist clients in the creation and implementation of a comprehensive, risk related security portfolio. International risks, customs and cultures are carefully considered when doing any risk consulting and our clients are advised on every aspect of risk related to the new country of operation.

Identifying, training and deploying in-country security management is another specialist service provided by D & K Management Consultants. For further information on this service, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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