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The business events industry is growing at a rapid pace in South Africa. With the increase of both interest in and quality of these events, security concerns are increasing as well. Many businesses have great concepts and ideas with regards to crafting powerful and impactful events, but they are unsure as to how to ensure event safety.

One of the greatest threats to event management seems to be in the area of transportation to and from the event. Especially when VIPs and international guests are invited to attend and/or present at the event. In addition, once these VIPs and guests are at the event, their security and that of all those attending and working at the event also needs to be ensured.

“In such instances I believe it is always best to employ the services of well-trained security drivers and close protection services at the event. I believe this to be one of the most important elements of proper event management,” explains Kyle Condon, Managing Director of D&K Management Consultants. “Security drivers/escorts should always be certified collision avoidance experts and Close Protection Officers (CPOs) who have undergone advanced driving and anti-hijack courses,” continues Condon. He refers to these security drivers as bodyguards who specialise in transportation security.

Security drivers not only safeguard guests from accidents and hijacking, but they also ensure that guests arrive at events in a timely manner. In addition, they eliminate the risk of these guests getting lost and ending up in situations or areas that may be detrimental to their safety. This is particularly important for international guests, who are not well versed in the “no-go” areas within South Africa’s cities.

Once at the event, security solutions continue to be of utmost importance. The use of CPOs aids in providing effective security solutions at business events, helping event organisers to focus their attention on the task at hand. Rather than simply employing general security staff or bodyguards for event security, CPOs are the wiser choice. They are highly trained executive protection specialists who understand the importance of operating ‘unnoticed’ and detecting threats and security weaknesses at their earliest point. This allows them to eradicate threats and reduce risk discreetly and effectively without necessarily impacting on or disturbing the overall flow of the event.

“The criteria for successful close protection services and VIP protection is based on solid planning - advanced preparations, route reconnaissance, threat assessment and conflict avoidance. We have learned that the true value of an effective CPO is in discreet, well managed protection, rather than robust, overbearing ‘bodyguards’,” concludes Condon.

Managing and running a successful business event in South Africa is more than possible. The South African industry has a lot to offer the world and it deserves a safe and secure way to do so. Employing the use of CPOs and security drivers for these events helps to make this potential a reality.

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