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Article Published: 19 April 2012

January 13, 2012, author Kyle Condon

December 21, 2012 …. The day the world will end!

For some, this may actually be a blessing - a cataclysmic event to put an end to their long-standing suffering. There are those that have now started to fear the day that the world, as we know it, will finally cease to exist.

But, to the rest of us, December 21, 2012, will mean four (4) more days to Christmas and, along with trying to choose between that bicycle for Johnny or the walking Barbie for Jenny, we will be looking back at a year that our businesses either flourished or suffered in some way.

The fact is, the world may not be at risk - at least not yet - but, your business always will be!

Business today is faced with such profuse risks that realistically only an integrated approach to risk management can provide the best chance to negate and minimise these threats. In my
opinion, one of the major stumbling blocks in successfully creating an integrated security/loss prevention portfolio is the belief that the majority of the threats faced will come from external forces. This is not quite accurate … in today’s world, the greatest threats to businesses across the board, stem from within. As a result, what we then far too often see, is that costly
security features and practices tend to target risks that are far less likely to occur rather than aiming directly at those that may well occur if not occurring already.

This is where my Security Audit teams are providing an invaluable service to clients across the African continent. The scope of a comprehensive security audit is to determine exactly
where and how the company is at risk and to furthermore establish just how probable those risks are.

From here, my teams will move into the broader arena and will consider those risks associated within the environment the company operates in. Through these processes, we are able to
assist our clients to implement a risk management strategy which will provide optimal protection.

This may require deployment of well-placed undercover investigators, restructuring pre-employment screening policies, physical protection installations, etc., all working together to
complete the puzzle that is now their unique risk management programme.

With this in mind, I’m off to go stock up on baked beans, bully beef and mineral water. My bunker is near completion … the world may end on December 21, 2012, but I’ll be ready!

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