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Drug detection is an important security measure that is often overlooked by a number of businesses and organisations. An employee under the influence of drugs or alcohol could be a danger to other employees or even customers as well as themselves. In this piece we will explore how drug detection and security services work hand-in-hand to keep employees, employers and clients safe.


Safety is always an issue when dealing with drugs and other addictive substances. Because of the effect these substances can have on an individual, it is vitally important that you are able to root out the problem as early as possible. The last thing your organisation or business needs is a drug related issue leading to injury or death on your premises. This can and will lead to a heap of negative publicity that could send you under.

Drug detection

Here at D & K Investigators we offer an extensively wide range of security services. Our drug detection team often get call outs in order to test any illegal substances. They make use of the latest hardware and software in order to detect trace amounts of drugs. Substances are often left behind on surfaces such as desks, keyboards and bank cards. Even if the user believes they have sufficiently cleaned the area, there are often trace amounts left behind.

Our team is experienced and well equipped to detect these minuscule trace amounts of illegal substance. They make use of advanced equipment that can detect and analyse as little as one ten billionth of a gram. This means that no matter how well the culprit thinks they have cleaned up, we will probably still be able to detect any illegal substances.

D & K Investigators prides itself on the reputable and dependable security services on offer. Our drug detection team have successfully investigated and rooted out substance abuse in businesses, homes and schools with great success. Should you feel that there is a drug issue within your organisation, feel free to contact us and we’ll send out a professional and discreet team to conduct the investigation.

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